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  • PMI Pirhana R6 - Semi Automatic Paintball Marker Gun
  • Air / Co2 Bottle
  • Ammunition Container (200 Shot Hopper)
  • Approved face protector mask / goggles - Clean and unscratched Anti Fog Face Mask
  • Combat Snood / Hood
  • 2-4 pot battle pack / ammo carrier
  • Authentic one piece cammo clothing
  • A variety of scenario games
Protective Gloves
Keep your hands safe. Protective paintball gloves are available on the day. We stock one size that are flexible enough to fit most men or women.
Protective Chest Plate
Our protective breast plates are available free of charge to those people who want to be completely bulllet proof on the field! Both back and front protection! - Free Of Charge.. Limited availability.
100 Round Pack: Paintballs can be purchased between games and are supplied in convenient resealable plastic pots of 100 rounds. Cost per 100 Rounds - £10.00

Paintball Markers, Guns and other Equipment & Supplies

London Paintball Games provide you with equipment specially produced and approved for Paintball Sports.

On your paintballing event, you and your team mates will receive the following paint guns, markers and equipment, "all inclusive" of your particular package.

PMI Pirhana R6 Paintball Gun
The PMI Pirhana R6 semi-automatic paintball marker. Accurate, non-clogging and utterly reliable! CO² powered and capable of firing 6 balls per second it makes for a formidable weapon out on the field. Accurate to around 100 feet but capable of shooting twice that distance. The gas tank is good for around 600-800 shots depending on the ambient air temperature. All the guns are set at the industry limit of 300 fps and are checked each time they are used. If for any reason you are unhappy with your gun then please let us know on the day and we will change it for another unit.
Protective Mask
This is the most important piece of kit you will be issued and must be maintained correctly all day whilst on site. You will be given full instruction on how to fit and adjust the unit before you will be allowed to play, and also on how to use the Calotherm anti-fogging solution provided. These goggles have been especially designed for the use of playing paintball and can withstand a direct shot to the lens. The unit offers you eye, ear and head protection. It comes with an added peak to keep the rain and sun out of your vision.
Cammo Clothing
Available in four sizes - small, medium, large and extra large. The camouflage pattern used is British D.P.M. (Disrupted Pattern Material) although at times we use a plain coverall depending on the venue you are attending. The suit has elasticised cuffs and ankles with poppers to secure the front. These suits are made from a light cotton drill and will give your clothes protection against mud and paint during the day..
Bulk Buy
Bulk purchases of paintballs are available for orders of 20,000 balls or more. The cost is reduced to £8 per 100.

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