Our Bushcraft Day is a fantastic fun outdoor adventure!

Forage for food in our beautiful woods at Henfold lakes and discover how our ancestors lived off the land.
The day starts with a walk around the woodland and lakes with our bushcraft man
who will talk you through many interesting facts on foraging, tracking and building camps.

PRICE: £40.00pp


Bushcraft Activity

Fancy yourself as a Ray Mears?

Our skilled instructors will be there to greet you at 10am in our military village.

Split into groups the students will be briefed on safety before embarking on your journey!

Forage for seasonal food such as nettles, berries, wild garlic and herbs

Learn how to navigate your way around the woodland

Working in teams you will build your own camp and open fire

Learn how to cook your own lunch and bread over your fire

Below are key learning outcomes from the Assault course activity.

Boosts  morale & motivation

Builds Trust & Strengthen Relationships

Increases confidence and motivation

Enhances concentration and creativity

Highlights time management and time related pressure

Enhances communication skills & problem solving

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